How YOU can help me keep doing what I love!

My new album, “Moods, Impressions & Souvenirs,” is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. Bandcamp Amazon Apple Music It is also available to PRE-SAVE ON SPOTIFY (just two clicks!) It’s a crazy time to be releasing new music. But every stream, every digital download, every CD and sheet music sale makes it possible for me to continue […]

UNDER OPEN SKY by Ancient Voices

Award winning musicians Dan Kennedy and David Rose have been playing music together since 2015. Of Mexican/Indian and Native American heritage, U. S. Army and Navy veteran David Rose is well known on the festival and flute circle scene. Classically trained at Oberlin and New England conservatory, pianist Dan Kennedy has performed widely in the United States […]

DEVOTION by Dulce Joya

Classically trained from the age of six, Cuban born pianist and composer Dulce Joya has studied, performed and taught music in Colombia, Austria, and Germany, where she currently resides. Her 2017 release, “Reality of Dreams,” was an fascinating musical journey through the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Her latest release, “Devotion,” further displays the artist’s […]

SPETTRO by Milana Zilnik

“Spettro,” a collection of fifteen piano pieces that musically describe various colors, is the twelfth release from the multi-talented and wonderfully creative pianist and composer Milana Zilnik. “Chromesthesia” is the technical term for the phenomenon of people seeing sounds in shapes and colors; in this project, Milana uses the piano to evoke specific characteristics of […]