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Nominated BEST NEW ARTIST 2018 by Enlightened Piano Radio!

Nominated ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2017 by One World Music Radio!

Thank you for stopping by my website! On these pages you will find out more about me and my debut album Seashells in My Pocket, released in October 2017, as well as upcoming projects. I hope you will visit often! ~ Pam

Pam Asberry has created heartfelt vignettes that describe special times and experiences “like shells plucked from the seashore and tucked into my pocket as souvenirs from a magical day at the beach.” The music is melodic and graceful, and most of it is played at a relaxed and leisurely tempo…Pam Asberry is off to a great start with this new phase of her musical career!

– Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

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