STILL HERE by Lisa Swerdlow

Lisa Swerdlow is a relative newcomer to the solo piano genre, returning to the instrument after a many-years hiatus on the heels of a grim cancer diagnosis in 2013. To date, she has released two albums of original music to rave reviews; her latest release is a single titled Still Here, in which the artist expresses her gratitude for surviving the disease and the life she enjoys now.

Recorded and mastered by Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studios in Sedona, the sound of the piano itself is exquisite. The piece opens solemnly, almost questioningly, then the music rises and falls with powerful emotion and wondrous beauty in expressions of the gamut of emotions I imagine one would experience on the heels of treatment for cancer: profound relief, intense gratitude, a sense of wonder about life in general, a renewed excitement about the future, a deepened closeness to loved ones. Happily for all of us, Lisa Swerdlow is “still here” and will be sharing her beautiful music with us for many years to come. Very highly recommended!

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