SING ME OF WINTER by Lisa Swerdlow

“Sing me of Winter” is a brand new holiday single by the gifted composer and talented pianist Lisa Swerdlow. According to Swerdlow, this music was inspired by her friend Paul Landry who advised her NOT to do yet another cover of an existing Christmas song but instead to write one of her own. And I for one am very grateful that she did! It’s a spirited tune in a fast triple meter; the piano fairly sparkles and is set off with a beautiful orchestration by Paul Kraushaar, who added just the right “festive” touches. This is dramatic music that could serve as the soundtrack to a scene in a movie; the piece opens with a sense of urgency that gradually unfolds into excitement and ends with a sweep of the heart and a glorious sense of resolution. There’s a companion video too; click HERE to watch. “Sing Me of Winter” is going on ALL of my holiday playlists and I look forward to listening to it again and again, throughout the current season and for many years to come. Don’t miss it! Very highly recommended!

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