My latest album, The Presence of Wonder, will be available for pre-order on March 15th! To celebrate, I’m sharing here the third in a series of videos created from snippets of some of my favorite pieces from the album. This one is called Wishes in the Wind and I can’t help but break out into smiles every time I play it! I’ve always had a “thing” for dandelions; their yellow blooms are sturdy and cheerful, then after the flowers go to seed they become wishes just waiting to be made – because EVERYONE knows that if you make a wish and then successfully blow all the seeds off a dandelion flower your wish will come true!

One more thing: March 18th is the deadline to submit your nominations for this year’s Enlightened Piano Radio Awards and I would be every so grateful if you would take a moment to nominate Thankful Heart, Joyful Mind as Best Holiday Album. To vote, please HERE and follow the directions; an email to including the category, album name and artist name will also do the job! The three albums receiving the most votes will become this year’s nominees and will have the opportunity to perform in the September awards ceremony at the Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada. Thank you SO MUCH for your support and feel free to share my request with your family and friends!

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