Berlin Bound!

I am happy to report that I am well on my way to full recovery from the nasty bug that bit me over the weekend. I managed to get through the week canceling only four piano lessons (I taught 43!) and meet most of the rest of my obligations. Now it’s past midnight Thursday evening; just a quart-size bag of toiletries left to pack and I will be ready to head to the airport tomorrow morning and board that plane to Berlin, Germany! I leave tomorrow (Friday) and return on Monday, October 8th; in between, I will visit Leipzig and Eisenach, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; and Paris, France. And, of course, the highlight of my trip will be the Enlightened Piano Radio Awards Concert at the beautiful Berlin Philharmonic Hall (pictured above) where I will perform as one of three nominees for Best New Artist 2018 along with twenty-one other musicians from all over the world. As I have said so many times before, I can’t exactly say that this is a dream come true because it is a dream I never even dared to dream. I look forward to sharing my travel adventures with you just as soon as I return!

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