On the blog again…

We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.― Tobias Wolff Back in October when I wrote this blog post, showing up three times a week seemed possible. But my responsibilities as a piano teaching professional just keep growing and, well, writing has continued to take a back burner to everything […]

Looking to winter

As you face the winter months, it’s a good time to consider also the winter of the soul. Slow things down. Pay attention to what you would cry for. Wait, don’t act, and see what happens.~ David Morris There came a day when something inside me finally screamed, “Enough!” Yes, I would like to play […]

Love trumps fear. Every time.

There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot […]