Pendants from Grandmother’s Button Box

My blog post about using buttons from my grandmother’s button box was inspired by a Facebook friend who sent me the following message: Do you make any jewelry with buttons? If so, could I commission you to make six sets of something with a button collection I’ve had since childhood?I accepted the challenge. Since my […]


I didn’t attend a fireworks display on the fourth of July and have felt rather deprived ever since. So when I received an invitation to a Halloween/NaNoWriMo kick-off party tonight, I determined I wouldn’t miss any more holiday fun. Even if that meant donning a costume. But what to wear? I did a 5K race […]

Tweaking the Plan

I’m torn between two lovers: my revision-in-progress, with two outstanding requests, and National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo, which starts in just ten days. The revision is going well from a certain standpoint. However, doing what needs to be done to to improve the story has meant cutting almost fifteen thousand words in the past two […]

Thought-Feeling-Behavior Cycle/ROW80 Update

Today’s homework in my online class, Empower Your Muse, is to begin to identify how my thoughts and the resultant feelings influence my behavior where my writing is concerned. Here are the specific instructions given by our instructor, author Kelly Stone: For one day this week…record in a notebook everything that you think, feel, and […]