Celebrating Fall

Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own. ~ Charles Dickens As hard as I have tried, I haven’t been able find a way to hold onto summer. Despite my penchant for sundresses and flip-flops, the days of long sleeves and fleece-lined boots have arrived. Might as well stop the resistance […]

What I’ve Been Up To

Sometimes things just fall off your plate.~ V. K. Springs My academic year began on Monday, August 3rd and the weeks since have been hectic. With 61 students on my fall teaching schedule and hours of practice in preparation for a recital on Saturday, September 19th, there hasn’t been time for much of anything besides […]

Looking to winter

As you face the winter months, it’s a good time to consider also the winter of the soul. Slow things down. Pay attention to what you would cry for. Wait, don’t act, and see what happens.~ David Morris There came a day when something inside me finally screamed, “Enough!” Yes, I would like to play […]

Torn between two lovers

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s November already, but National Novel Writing Month is here. Yes, I’m going for Win #5, but here on Day 11, when I should be at 18,333 words, I have added measly 7,248 words to my manuscript. But considering everything else I’ve had on my plate the past couple of […]

Finding the Good

Life is ten percent what happens to us and ninety percent how we react to it.~ Dennis P. Kimbro It’s been one of those delirious, gut-wrenching, roller coaster kind of weeks. Wonderfulness I finished the scheduling for my district’s upcoming piano festival and emailed it to the chairperson. I am having my bathroom remodeled. With […]

Caging Christmas Humbug

If you frequently give yourself permission to doodle, wander, and be totally unproductive, Pam , and you actually relish such interludes, I can guarantee that your genius, creativity, and productivity will increase exponentially.~ The Universe It’s a great day when I find Note From The Universe in my email box. One of last week’s messages, […]