Music with charms to soothe the savage beast

l-r: Chad Lawson, David Lanz, Pam Asberry, Joseph Akins Heard any good solo piano music lately? Recently, I had to privilege of visiting PianoWorks in Duluth and hearing pianists David Lanz, Chad Lawson and Joseph Akins. If you aren’t familiar with their music hurry to their websites, listen to some samples, and order some CD’s. You won’t be sorry. Here’s a […]

Whisperings Solo Piano Concert

Sunday morning Rock Star and I climbed into my car and headed to beautiful Lindsay Street Hall in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee for the Whisperings Solo Piano Concert featuring David Lanz, Michael Dulin and Joseph Akins. l-r: David Lanz, Michael Dulin, Joseph Akins There was a nine-foot Steinway grand piano in the house. The artists took […]