Live in Concert!

My first-ever concert tour is a wrap!
My good friends and fellow solo piano artists Philip Wesley and Lynn Yew Evers traveled all the way from Spring Hill, Tennessee and Spokane, Washington (respectively) to join me for two concerts in metro Atlanta last weekend. Our first stop, Saturday night, was PianoWorks in Duluth, Georgia. Thank you, Don, Sam, Derek and everyone for hosting us; you are my family and PianoWorks is truly my home away from home!
My first-ever concert as a solo piano artist for a paying crowd. And they gave us a standing ovation! 
Then on Sunday afternoon we did a private house concert in the childhood home of one of my fellow Gwinnett Symphony Wind Orchestra players. That’s right: we do shows in people’s living rooms! 
Lynn greeting the audience as they arrived. Her music is as beautiful as she is.
Philip playing one of my solo piano favorites, Dark Night of the Soul.

The multi-talented Lynnette Kenith (whose parents hosted the concert) joined me on the flute on two of my solo piano pieces, The Mermaid’s Tears and Palm Trees Sway. Her beautiful album, a moving blend of Native American flute alone and accompanied by West African drumming, is available HERE.
This was our first but definitely not our last collaboration.

Post-concert. Lynn Yew Evers, Philip Wesley, Pam Asberry.
The cherry on top was that my parents, who moved last November from southern Illinois into a home about ten miles from me, were able to attend the house concert on Sunday. Afterwards, I took them out to dinner at my favorite Atlanta area Mexican restaurant, Neuvo Laredo

According to Mom and Dad, Neuvo Laredo served them the best margaritas and chili relennos they have ever had!

It was a magical weekend, to be sure. I am forever grateful to Philip, Lynn, PianoWorks, Lynnette and her parents, and everyone who came to these concerts and supported our work. 
If you have a good sized room (attendance usually runs between 25 and 50 people, and even a 12′ by 15′ space will accommodate that number with artful arranging) with a piano (and it doesn’t have to be a grand piano, a well maintained upright will do just fine) there are solo piano artists all over the country who would love to come and do a concert in YOUR home! You provide the space, some snacks, invite all your friends, and we will do the rest. Even if we set it up as a public event, most of your audience will be people you know or friends of theirs (and we won’t reveal your address until after a ticket has been purchased), but you certainly have the option to keep the show completely private and open it only to your own invitees. House concerts are still fairly uncommon in most parts of the country, but once people experience a concert in a home setting they usually become enthusiastic converts. Please contact me if this is something you would like to arrange!