THE LAKE SEASON by Hannah McKinnon

From the back cover:

Iris Standish has always been the responsible older sibling: the one with the steady marriage, loving family, and sensible job. But all of a sudden, her carefully constructed life spins out of control, and a cryptic postcard from her beautiful, estranged sister Leah arrives at the perfect time: Please Come. Iris seizes her chance to escape to her childhood lakeside home where Leah is planning her summer wedding to a man their New Hampshire clan has never met.

Against a backdrop of dress fittings, floral arrangements, and rehearsal dinners, Leah hides secrets of her own. And while her sister faces a past that has finally caught up to her, Iris prepares to say goodbye to a future that is suddenly far from certain. As new love beckons and Hampstead Lake shimmers in the background, Iris must decide when to wade in cautiously and when to dive – and, ultimately, how to ferry herself to safe harbors in this enticing novel of second chances and the ties that bind.

Making use of a gorgeous lake setting and serious themes, this book is not your typical light beach read. Comfortable if not exactly happy with her middle class suburban life, Iris, mother of three, is caught completely off guard when her husband announces he wants a divorce – providing her with the perfect opportunity to flee to the beach house in which she grew up. Her parents distant and her sister flighty and self-centered, the going isn’t always easy. At least her best friend Trish has a good head on her shoulders. As Iris struggles to come to terms with a future that is no longer certain, complications arise when Cooper Woods, Iris’s high school crush, comes on the scene. As Leah’s wedding date draws nearer and Iris’s children join her at the lake house, hard choices must be made. Does Iris continue to put her needs last, as she always has? Or can she find a way to do what is best for herself as well as her family?

All in all, this book is a delight, exploring family dynamics, forgiveness, love, friendship, and the challenges of moving on with life following setbacks. Five stars! Highly recommended!

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