EENY MEENY by M. J. Arlidge

From the publisher:
EENY MEENY opens with a compelling and terrifying premise. A young couple wakes up trapped in an abandoned diving pool without food or water. There’s no escape. Instead there is a loaded gun with a single bullet, and a phone with enough battery life to receive one message: to walk free, one of them must kill the other. When other pairs are given the same orders in increasingly twisted ways, the brilliant but damaged Detective Inspector Helen Grace finds herself racing against time and confronting dark chapters of her own past.

I must begin by saying this isn’t my usual reading fare. When I want a good story, I tend to gravitate towards women’s fiction or romance. But I am grateful I took advantage of the opportunity to read and review this psychological thriller/murder mystery, the first in the new series featuring Detective Inspector Helen Grace
Kawasaki-riding Helen Grace is a hardcore heroine, complex and flawed. Cool as a cucumber and one hundred percent dedicated to her job, she is fascinating if not exactly lovable. Over the course of the story, it becomes apparent to her that the serial killer’s victims are all linked to her in some way. And once she realizes this, she is willing to sacrifice everything to bring the murderer to justice. 
Filled with graphic descriptions and heartbreaking outcomes, this book is not for the squeamish. At times I had to set my Kindle down just to give my mind a rest from the horror of it all. But I couldn’t stay away long and sat up late the night I started the book because I couldn’t wait to find out the ending, which caught me completely by surprise – and left me hungry for the next installment of the series.
Five stars. Recommended especially to fans of the genre!
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