How does my garden grow?

But each spring…a gardening instinct, sure as the sap rising in the trees, stirs within us. We look about and decide to tame another little bit of ground.
~Lewis Gantt

I’m not really much of a gardener. My backyard is small and slopes dramatically into a creek where vegetable-loving deer abide in large numbers. Besides, my indoor pursuits consistently fill the daytime hours; I am not beckoned by the great outdoors the way some people are. But I do enjoy ripe-from-the-vine tomatoes, fresh herbs, and the pop of color that summer flowers offer. So every year about this time I find myself at Home Depot filling a cart with flower pots, potting soil, and plants of all kinds. 
Last Saturday, I started with some house plants to fill the colorful pots I purchased at IKEA several months ago. 

I also bought some tiny pots and saucers that just fit on the little white stepladder my children used when they were small and filled them with chives, lemon thyme and parsley. 

Then I ventured outdoors. I set a bright pink geranium on the porch next to the front door

and filled the two large planters on my deck with more flowers in my favorite colors, pink and purple.

Here is my black cherry tomato plant with a pot of marigolds next to it for pest control.

The jalapeno pepper plant is sharing its pot with cilantro, just as I hope they will combine flavors in a bowl of homemade salsa one day. Last but not least are the rosemary and basil, culinary essentials.

I look forward to nurturing my little deck garden through the spring and summer, feeding and watering the plants regularly, speaking kindly to them and encouraging them in their growth.

What kind of gardener are you?