O Christmas Tree

Little things, little things, are much more more important than big things. Big things hit you in the face with their bigness and obscure the little, more important things that really define a life and provide it with delicacy.
― Lauren Roedy Vaughn
Now that my house is painted in Caribbean colors, I decided to go for a tropical vibe as I decorated for Christmas. The starfish tree topper I ordered from Etsy arrived Saturday. 
Now my beach-theme Christmas tree, studded with ornaments collected on cruise vacations, brightly colored glass balls, and paper drink umbrellas, is complete. 

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments. 
Ya, mon.
There is a brass ornament from every cruise ship I have sailed on.
Everyone knows Santa heads south on December 26th. 
Angel carved from a Bahamian conch shell.
I look forward to adding new ornaments to my collection and have lots of ideas for other decorations and accessories I want to make over the coming months in keeping with my theme. A seashell studded wreath for the front door. A garland of seashells to drop across the mantel. A patchwork tree skirt in Caribbean brights. A flamingo tablecloth for the dining room.

Because it really is the little things that add up to make a life.