Making Writing the Priority

Frustrated by my lack of motivation and progress where my fiction writing is concerned, I decided to heed the advice of author friend Sia Huff and sign up for The Book Factory with Kerri Nelson. Sponsored by From the Heart of Romance Writers, affiliated with Romance Writers of America, class started this week. I think it’s going to be the kick in the pants I need. 

Kerri writes using the 15-Minute Method, packing in as many 15-minute sessions of writing as possible, with a personal goal of a total of 1000 words per day. And she does this consistently – in addition to working a full-time job and being married with three kids. Very impressive!
We have had only one assignment so far: to write down a typical daily schedule in 15-minute increments. That’s not an easy thing to do; my teaching schedule varies from day to day, and other activities – practicing piano, exercising, keeping the household running, and spending time with family and friends, for starters – have a way of filling up my free time. The next thing I know, it is late and I am exhausted; indeed, my notes from yesterday revealed that I really had packed a lot of good stuff into the day, and it wasn’t at all clear to me where, exactly, I might have been writing instead of doing something else. 
Well, after looking over my schedule from yesterday, Kerri suggested that instead of starting my day with email/Facebook/Twitter/my blog, as is my habit, I start with 15 minutes of writing, while my mind is fresh and not filled with all those social distractions. “You’d be surprised what can happen when you make those things a reward for getting some writing done instead of as a priority over writing,” she said. Well, I just might be surprised. But I won’t know until I try.
So when I wake up tomorrow morning, the first things I will do are start the coffee and take care of the dog. But the next thing I will do is set a timer and write for fifteen minutes. Check back next Wednesday for a progress report.