Affirmation #6, continued…

Between the financial constraints and the time constraints, it’s taken us six months to get back to it. But last week RockStar and I made a little bit of forward progress on creating our dream home.

We bought our supplies at Home Depot. On the way home, we treated ourselves to dinner at Chili’s.

He had baby back ribs. I had talapia.

Then we set to work. First, we replaced the worn brass knobs on the kitchen cabinets with polished nickel.

They match the stainless steel microwave.

In a similar vein, we replaced the cheap brass knob and hinges on the door to the pantry.

Easy to open with dirty hands.

Finally, RockStar replaced the disgusting old kitchen faucet with a a beautiful new one. Which came with a soap dispenser.

It pours. It sprays. And there is soap.

There is so much more we want to do. But for now we are content with just this little bit of progress. And I am so grateful to have this child who is willing to spend his time to help make my life a little bit easier.

What steps can you take to make your dream home now?