Cover blurb:

Dr. Baylie Walker loves her job. As an emergency medical technician she gets to spend her days skiing through the mountains and saving lives. A secluded and quiet life is just what she needs….

Until delectable Dr. Kyle Campbell makes a dramatic entrance! He may be gorgeous, with a tortured edge, but he’s exactly the kind of distraction she hoped to avoid this Christmas! Sparks fly when they are forced to work together. And as the first snow of the season begins to fall, they have nowhere to run….

I loved this book! While the story takes place over the Christmas holidays, the focus is on the relationship between individuals who are working so hard they barely have time to notice the season. Moreover, they are dealing with issues from their pasts that make them determined NOT to fall in love again. Both hero and heroine are realistic and likable; the fast pace and the growing heat kept me turning the pages until the satisfying conclusion. I can hardly wait to see what author Susan Carlisle comes up with next!