An Early Christmas Present

l-r: Joseph Akins, Pam Asberry, Greg Maroney, Philip Wesley

On November 17th, I went to the Whisperings Solo Piano Concert at PianoWorks in Duluth, Georgia.  This one featured the artistry of Greg Maroney, Philip Wesley and Joseph Akins. I love all all their work and enjoyed the entire show very much. But I was tickled red and green when Joseph surprised us at the end of his last set with a Christmas tune, his toe-tapping arrangement of Jingle Bells called Jingle Bell Boogie. I found a previously recorded performance on YouTube; give it a listen. Ebenezer Scrooge himself wouldn’t be able to keep from smiling!

I know Thanksgiving isn’t here yet, but I will be first to admit I have started listening to some of my Christmas albums and playing holiday music on the piano.  What about you?