Making Soap, Round Two

As much as I enjoyed my initial foray into soap making (click HERE), I am sad to say that I let more than a year go by between that first experience and my second. But last night, with the assistance of my dear friend/sister-in-law, I made another batch of lavender oatmeal soap, poured it into the three-pound mold she gave me for Christmas last year, wrapped it in a towel, and brought it home. Tonight I cut it into bars and laid it out on a brown paper bag to cure. The results are pictured above. I know it’s chemistry. But it seems more like magic!

I’m  not going to wait another year until I make soap again. With the step-by-step procedures and safety precautions fresh in my mind, I am ready to order supplies and try a couple of new recipes – maybe peppermint oatmeal or true castile soap. The possibilities are endless!