Torn between two lovers

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s November already, but National Novel Writing Month is here. Yes, I’m going for Win #5, but here on Day 11, when I should be at 18,333 words, I have added measly 7,248 words to my manuscript. But considering everything else I’ve had on my plate the past couple of weeks, 7,248 words is almost a miracle. Because music has been my muse.

First, there was the Redeemer Piano Ensemble concert – eight pianists on four pianos under the direction of conductor Mary Hinely – on Sunday, November 3rd. The week prior to the performance, we had four rehearsals – a total of ten hours – in downtown Atlanta. Of course, I was practicing at home, too. But all our hard work paid off; our program, which included works by Bach, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Rossini, and Bizet, among others, was well received by our audience. Best of all, we had a blast doing it.

Pianists Kristi Helfen and Pam Asberry

Four short days later, I found myself on the road to University of West Georgia in Carrollton for the Georgia Music Teachers Association 2013 conference. There were workshops presented by teachers from all over the state, recitals showcasing student audition winners, two sessions presented by eminent composer and pedagogue, Marvin Blickenstaff, and a banquet and awards ceremony. All were informational and inspirational. But the concert featuring headliners Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe was absolutely unforgettable. Here is a sample of their masterful, riveting musicianship.

On the heels of these deeply satisfying experiences, I am more determined than ever to become the best pianist  and educator I am capable of and to continue making music with others. I am already hard at work on new music in preparation for a May concert with my friend and colleague Natalie Hardy. We start rehearsals on Friday.

Elizabeth Joy Roe, Pam Asberry, Natalie Hardy, Greg Anderson

Music and writing. Is it possible to give each the time and attention he requires? Love is infinite. I will find a way.