Beads and Life

With the encouragement of Jacob Sokol, I have created my own version of the “When Life Works List.” And it’s a fact that my life works better when I bead something every day. Whether I’m teaching children, preparing for a piano recital that’s months away, or writing a novel that may or may not ever be published, the gratification for my effort lies weeks, months, even years ahead. But at the end of a beading session, I have something tangible for to show for my time. That’s really helpful on a day when I feel like I’m getting nowhere fast.
Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing what I have made over the past week or so.
“Piano Keys” seed bead bracelet.
Animal print agates combined with red coral and seed beads.
Fire opal Swarovski captured crystal bracelet and matching earrings. 
“Party Time” seed bead earrings in Autumn Leaves.
Extra long rainbow agate necklace.
Long enough to wrap for a layered look! 
Traditional Christmas tree earrings.  
Snowball earrings made from handcrafted lampwork beads.
I even made a bracelet for my new and improved happiness jar (click HERE to find out more about my original happiness jar!)
So much happiness!
Most of my jewelry ends up for sale in my Etsy store (click HERE). I hope you will keep me in mind as you begin your holiday shopping. I do custom orders too; just ask!