From the back cover:

Sara Beth and Rachel have been wishing on stars for as long as they’ve been friends. Sara Beth dreams of her own antique shop, with lace curtains hanging in the windows. For Rachel, a little beach cottage will do, where sea breezes and salt water might inspire her sketches. From sharing wishes to cups of coffee at a cherished cafe, they’ve stitched pieces of their lives together like a patchwork quilt – a soft quilt of friendship they thought they’d hold close forever.

But while celebrating their birthdays in Manhattan, one makes a decision that will alter the course of their friendship. At a midtown lunch, Sara Beth excuses herself to use the Ladies’ Room, and never returns. Instead she slips the waiter a note to pass along to her dear friend, asking Rachel to cover for her disappearance.

Sara Beth’s escape begins a summer of change, one that eventually brings her antique shop to life, with a price. Though her decision pulls at her marriage and children, the strongest effect is on Rachel. For her, Sara Beth’s disappearance brings a solitary Mounted Police Officer into her life, one who gladly shows Rachel that it isn’t always stars that deliver wishes.

Winding from the hidden gems of Manhattan, to a weathered cottage at Anchor Beach, to an opulent New England carriage house, Whole Latte Life promises that redemption is a tender road worth taking, that secrets and ice cream are worth sharing, that true friendship has the same sweet magic as stardust.

Click HERE to read my review of Joanne DeMaio’s second book, Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans; I loved it so much I jumped at the chance I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read and review her debut novel, Whole Latte Life.

Following the death of her mother, Sara Beth goes off the deep end, abandoning her friend at a New York City restaurant as they celebrate their fortieth birthdays and leaving her husband and small children in limbo. Recently widowed, Rachel is dealing with struggles of her own; the last thing she needs is to be ditched by her best friend at this important milestone and left to deal with her distraught husband. Fortunately, the mounted police officer who helps Rachel search for Sara Beth just might turn out to be more than another hot man in uniform.

Exploring the themes of love, friendship, and the search for oneself, this book is a wonderful reminder of what matters most in life. Recommended!

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