Soggy Fourth

I love everything about the fourth of July: its origins, its symbolism, the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, the cookouts, the fireworks.

But this year I missed getting my name in the lottery for the Peachtree, my family cookout got rained out, and the local fireworks display was canceled due to the weather. Oh, that didn’t stop my neighbors from detonating fireworks. My poor dog is huddled under my bed whimpering as I type this blog post. But instead of celebrating my nation’s birthday, I spent the day reading, writing, playing the piano, eating junk food and drinking wine. Meaning things could definitely be worse.

I know the good ol’ U. S. of A. is facing a lot of challenges these days. But there isn’t a place in the world I would rather be.

I hope your fourth of July was a happy one!