Piano Care and Maintenance 101

My thirty year old upright piano is the latest beneficiary of my deep cleaning and repair obsession.

Everyone knows that an acoustic piano must be tuned regularly by a qualified technician. What I didn’t understand until very recently is that they also need periodic voicing and regulation. This involves adjustment of the mechanical aspects of the instrument – hammers, dampers, and keys – to compensate for the effects of wear, age and temperature and humidity.

Last week, my technician removed the insides of my upright piano and took the pieces back to her studio to do the necessary work. I know this will make a huge difference in how well the instrument will play and sound when it is put back together. My grand piano has irrevocably replaced it in my affections but I still use the upright as my primary teaching instrument so I want it to be the best it can possibly be. Also, a colleague and I planning a piano duo recital in the fall of 2014; what a delight it will be to practice together on two acoustic pianos!