Winning the War

Your home should be the antidote to stress, not the cause.
~ Peter Walsh

A mess like this has no business in a woman’s bedroom.

The war against clutter rages on; I still have the laundry room, two large closets and the garage to confront. But after two weeks of doing little besides sort through piles of stuff I am about ready to call a cease fire and enjoy the fruits of my labors for a while.

I have been a madwoman, bulldozing my way through cabinets and drawers, closets and walkways, ruthlessly donating or tossing everything that I didn’t deem useful or beautiful. There has been no balance; it seemed imperative to keep moving while the urge to let go was stronger than the impulse to hang on. My outdoor trash bins have been bulging to overflowing the past two Fridays, and I have donated two full carloads of items to charity. Exhaustion and exhilaration have been my constant companions.

But what a difference this has made! I can honestly say I love my house now. Oh, there is still much to be done by way of update and repair. But it turns out I don’t really need more space; I just need fewer possessions. Just as I managed to clear a spot for a grand piano in what was before a crowded piano studio, I have made the rest of my home seem more spacious.

The biggest challenge was my bedroom. Between the sewing machine, the beading table and supplies, and all my writing paraphernalia that lined the entire perimeter and covered much of the floor as well, my bedroom was hardly conducive to its intended use: sleeping. All that is left now is a small writing table, the bed, a dresser and the television. All it took was a little creative thinking to turn my private space into a serene haven.

Just as I am basking in contentment as I sit on my bed and type this blog post, I want to get back into my daily routines and begin to enjoy the rest of my home. I have writing projects to complete, jewelry making ideas to try, and music to practice on the piano. Not only that, I want to make strawberry jam in my newly organized kitchen, take a bubble bath in my sparkling clean garden tub, sit on the deck with a glass of hibiscus iced tea and a juicy novel.

I have worked hard. It’s time to play a little.