What would Claire Cook do?

Pam Asberry and Claire Cook

Claire Cook was 45 when she wrote her first novel – in her minivan! But she has more than made up for lost time. Since her first book was published in 2000, this award-winning, bestselling author has seen ten more novels published; one of them,  Must Love Dogs, was even made into a movie starring John Cusack and Diane Lane. That’s more success than I have ever dared even dream of. But Claire was our guest speaker at Georgia Romance Writers June meeting, sharing her journey and a few tricks of the trade. And she made it clear that, for most writers, their biggest obstacle is themselves.

Her process is simple. She writes two pages a day, seven days a week. Period. And she writes first thing in the morning, before checking email and Facebook and Twitter and all those other notorious time and creativity suckers. She asks herself, “What is going to move me forward today?” and makes the answer to that question her priority.

Two pages a day, seven days a week.

So that’s my new mantra. I wish I could say I bounced out of bed this morning, poured a cup of coffee and dashed off two pages. I didn’t. But the day isn’t over. So as soon as I hit Publish on this blog post, I’m going to write two pages before I go to bed. And then I’m going to tape an index card with the words What would Claire Cook do? on the coffee maker.

Because it’s so easy to forget.