Why? Because I can.

The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it. 
― Jordan Belfort

Last weekend my seventeen year old suggested that I purchase a gas grill for our household. He even went so far as to promise that if I would buy it, he would cook dinners for me. I was skeptical. That promise reminded me an awful lot of the one all three of my kids made when the stray dog showed up on our doorstep in 2003. “Mom, if you will just let us keep it, you won’t have to do a thing. We will feed him and take him on walks and pay all the vet bills.”

Yeah, right.

Still, I was tempted. Just a couple of weeks ago I was flipping through a summer issue of a women’s magazine when I came across a spread of recipes for the grill. They all sounded delicious, and I lamented the fact that I had no way to try them. But I couldn’t imagine actually buying a grill. They are expensive. Propane is dangerous. I wouldn’t know which one to buy. I wouldn’t be able to put it together. I wouldn’t know how to cook on it if I had it.

Well, Rock Star did the shopping and sent me a link to the model he thought was the best quality and value. I mulled it over. And before I headed out the door to the Renaissance Festival on Monday, I left some cash with the note “BUY THE GRILL” attached. I taped it to the refrigerator so he wouldn’t miss it.

I came home to find Rock Star and two of his friends deep in grill assembly.

It took them about three hours to finish; they assured me that I didn’t need to worry about that pile of leftover parts. I gave them more money to buy a propane tank; meanwhile, I ran to the grocery store and bought burgers and buns. True to his word, Rock Star cooked dinner for all of us that night.

The boy has a way with a spatula.
Last spring, cruise buddy Gail invited me to join her on a week-long, all-expenses-paid cruise to Tahiti. Initially, I turned her down because the dates conflicted with my spring piano recital. “It’s been on the calendar for months,” I explained. “It’s non-negotiable.” Luckily, I came to realize that just about everything is negotiable in time to accept her offer. I was able to reschedule my recitals AND go on the trip of a lifetime. 
For years, I told myself I couldn’t have a grand piano. They cost too much. I wouldn’t know which one to buy. I have no place to put one. The movers will never be able to maneuver it into my small home. Then one of my pals at PianoWorks called to tell me he had just gotten in a used piano that seemed to have my name on it. Two weeks later, it was in my studio.
I’m not sure why my knee-jerk response to opportunity is to say NO but obviously it’s time to change that. As I sift  through the sands of my hopes, dreams and desires, I must be prepared to say YES to every bit of good fortune that comes my way. I’m done with giving up before I even try. No more “I can’t.”
Because I CAN.