Cutting and Pasting

My Vision Board

Saturday night my two of my BFF’s and I donned our tiaras and our pajamas, shared a delicious meal and a couple of bottles of wine, and finished the vision boards we started last weekend. If you have never made a vision board before, I highly recommend it. Click HERE for some pointers.

Mine turned out to be very eclectic. I’m not sure what it all means but I have no doubt it will become clear over time. Incidentally, I am working on a separate board pertaining to my writing. I will post a picture of that one when it is finished.

* * * 
While I was decluttering in my piano studio one day last week, I found a large three-ring binder that I put together almost ten years ago. It is crammed full of words and pictures cut from magazines, quotes from various sources, and articles on topics such as journaling, reading and writing. I am looking forward to digging into it soon, reconnecting with the younger Pam who put it together, culling the truths that still seem relevant to me and leaving the rest behind. Last night, though, I pulled out Raw Art Journaling, a book my wise and thoughtful mother gave me for Christmas, and read the first chapter. Like author Quinn McDonald, I have a hard time drawing a straight line with a ruler, but I have made up my mind I’m not going to let that stop me from keeping a raw art journal of my own. For my eyes only, it will be a safe place for me to make meaning–and art–from the words, images and thoughts that have resonated so strongly with my being for such a long time. Excited, I ran downstairs and dug out a barely-used drawing pad from the large box of art supplies that has lain neglected since our home schooling days. At some point, I might even muster the courage to experiment with the charcoals, pastels, colored pencils and watercolor paints that fill that same box. 
Oh, it won’t always be fun. But a lot of things worth doing aren’t always fun–or easy. And I am hoping that these experiences will help me to tap more deeply into the creative side of myself and that the benefits will spill over into my music, writing, and jewelry making. What do you think?