EXHALE by Kendall Grey

Story blurb:

The man of Zoe Morgan’s dreams isn’t only real, he’s interested. In her. But her boss wants her too, and is leveraging his unsolicited advances with the threat of blocking the huge promotion she’s after. When he places a spy on her research team, the intense stranger discovers more than he should, and Zoe fears hiding a relationship with Gavin Cassidy from her boss is the least of her worries. The whale she must protect has been marked for death, and Zoe’s old enemy Scarlet is eager to deliver the killing blow. To both of them.

Australia’s Sentinels must find and lock the door into the Dreaming before Fyre Elementals launch another attack on innocent dreamers. But corruption and distrust abound, and Gavin believes someone on the Sentinel council is in league with the Fyres. As he reluctantly embraces his new role as council leader, Gavin must not only keep Zoe safe from Scarlet’s vengeful clutches, but organize a Sentinel defense strong enough to prevent a full-blown Elemental war–with a traitor fighting by his side.

Picking up where Inhale left off, Exhale takes us deeper into the story. We learn more about Zoe’s and Gavin’s pasts, the events that made them who they are and make it so difficult for them to be together in the present. For me, the characters become more multi-dimensional–more flawed and more human, yes, but also more realistic and sympathetic. And now they are together not just in the dreaming but also in the Realis, and the dangers they face as they attempt to keep the Wyldlings safe AND protect the whale that has been marked for death are almost overwhelming. The twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat until you turn that last page, leaving you desperate for book three of the trilogy. And guess what? You don’t have to wait!

That’s right! Just Breathe is hot off the metaphorical presses and available for your favorite e-reader!


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Here’s a teaser:

After a terrible accident rocks the foundation of their relationship, Australian Sentinel Gavin Cassidy and whale biologist Zoe Morgan call it quits. Gavin can’t forgive himself for shattering her trust, and being with the sexy rock star is killing Zoe. Literally.

But love—and duty—are powerful motivators, and alliances are forged in the most unlikely places. With the key to salvation locked inside the mind of an unconscious child, Gavin must find another way to snuff out the Fyre Elementals before millions of humans die, or make good on his deal with the devil and lose the one he loves. Again.

Come back on February 6th when Sometimes It’s Cloudy, Sometimes It’s Clear joins Kendall Grey’s blog tour for Just Breathe. In the meantime, click HERE for more information about the blog tour. And click HERE for more information about the entire trilogy. Happy reading!

*NOTE: This series is intended for readers over the age of 18. Author Kendall Grey will donate all profits from the sale of the JUST BREATHE trilogy to programs that educate people about whales and the challenges they face.