BUTTERFLY by Sylvester Stephens

From the back cover:

Shante Clemmons (Butterfly) is a mature-looking, fifteen-year-old foster home reject, who is tossed into the street in the middle of the night after being falsely accused of sleeping with her foster care father. She falls asleep behind a well-lit club only to be awakened by a huge intimidating man who offers her a job as a dancer.

Butterfly becomes the most popular dancer in the club until she decides that she is ready to focus on her education. The upset owner of the club demands she make due on an old debt or suffer the consequences. It ends in a physical altercation, and Butterfly flees for her life. As fate would have it, she ends up in the care of her estranged father’s ex-prison cellmate, Dr. Johnny Forrester, who takes Butterfly under his roof to fulfill a promise he made to her father. With much dismay, Butterfly moves into the Forresters’ home. Despite her many obstacles, she is determined to survive her senior year of high school and then go to college…but will she?

Realistically told from the viewpoint of Shante–street slang and all–this is a powerful story. Through no fault of her own, Shante (nicknamed Butterfly) is alone in the world and, after fifteen years of being hurt by those she loves most and taken advantage of by those charged with her care, she is finding it difficult to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Her luck begins to change when Dr. Johnny Forrester and his wife agree to take her in as a foster child and raise her as their own. They provide her with a comfortable home, the extended family she has always craved, and unconditional love. Still, Shante has a hard time reconciling her past on the streets of Atlanta with her new life as a high school student in the suburbs of Gwinnett County. Will she be able to overcome the habits and friendships that have kept her down and follow a different path, one that might even lead to college and real success in the future? Or will the temptations to revert to her old, familiar ways prove too enticing? Read this book and find out! It will keep you turning pages until the very end. Recommended!

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