Playing with Glass

Since 1975, Doug and Pamela Mayer have been creating architectural glass art in the Atlanta area for spaces near their home and around the world. Together, they form Substantial Lion Glass Studio. Since Doug and Pam are also my good friend Jennifer’s father and stepmother, I had the privilege of receiving a behind-the-scenes look at their beautiful home and glass studio in early December.
After sharing a few safety precautions and showing us a few basics, Doug and Pam turned us loose to create our own designs.
Jen stylin’ the safety goggles.
I elected to make candle holders from scraps of ocean blue
Blue glass with clear frit for filler.

and pink and green.
As close together as I could manage.
Once the design work was done, Doug and Pam carefully placed our pieces in the kiln for firing.
Doug explained what would take place in the kiln. Making a candleholder is a two-step process. First, the colored glass must be fused to the base glass. Then, the finished piece is placed in a mold so the center can “sag” and create the bottom of the candleholder.

then Pam took us on a tour of the rest of the studio.

Naturally, we weren’t able to bring our pieces home with us. But they were worth the wait.
For my bedroom.
For the kitchen.
 This was my first visit to Substantial Lion Glass Studio but I certainly hope it won’t be my last. Thanks to Jennifer, Doug and Pam for sharing your love with me.