Pendants from Grandmother’s Button Box

My blog post about using buttons from my grandmother’s button box was inspired by a Facebook friend who sent me the following message:

Do you make any jewelry with buttons? If so, could I commission you to make six sets of something with a button collection I’ve had since childhood?

I accepted the challenge. Since my friend wasn’t sure that all of her sisters have pierced ears, she requested necklaces. Inspired by this tutorial, I came up with the prototype below, using shell buttons from my grandmother’s collection.

Close-up. The crystals on the sides are from a broken necklace that belonged to my grandmother.

Finally, I was ready to begin work on my commission. Here are five of the six button clusters I created, using wooden beads and copper findings in addition to the buttons. Since my Facebook friend also reads this blog, I am omitting the picture of her necklace, which incorporates Swarovski crystals along with the buttons and copper findings.

Although I love them all, this necklace is my personal favorite of the five.
Now that I know what to do and how to do it, I think I will offer these on my Etsy site as a commissioned item for anyone who wants it. Do you have a button collection you would like to share in a special way with family or friends? Email me or convo me on Etsy and let me help you!
* * *
ROW 80 update: Now that all my special order jewelry has been shipped I can spend more time on my NaNoWriMo project. I am definitely behind on my word count goal but I crossed the 20K mark late last night. Three thousand words a day between now and the end of November will put me in the winner’s circle. Here I go!