Choosing Joy

The choice to adopt a moment by moment attitude of gratitude is the choice that differentiates those who suffer the slings and arrows of misfortune and those who are blessed with a joyous and abundant life.
~ Leslie Fieger

Rock Star. October 28, 2005.

It seems like only yesterday that I was adamantly not making any New Year’s resolutions, and now Thanksgiving is upon us. Many of my Facebook friends have making daily posts of gratitude; most of the bloggers I know are sharing their gratitude lists this week. Yet I have been sitting here with my laptop open for more than an hour, sifting through old photos and scratching my head, unable to begin.

It’s not that I don’t feel thankful overall; my Happiness Jar is overflowing. The past few days, though, it’s been tough to maintain perspective. I am struggling financially, the kids are bickering and unhappy, I am perpetually exhausted and overworked, I have zero romantic prospects, and there is no end in sight for any of it.

But as stressful and challenging as this time is, there is also a bright side. The boys and I are healthy; we have a roof over our heads and food to eat and clothes to wear and many creature comforts. I get to make music and satisfy other creative urges, artistic and literary, on a daily basis; and I have family and friends who love me.

That is quite a list. Fear or courage? Anxiety or confidence? Despair or hope? Loneliness or love? It seems just plain wrong to bow down to the dark gods of fear, anxiety, despair and loneliness.

I choose joy. May you have a joyous and abundant Thanksgiving.