These Shoes Were Made for Voting

They got me where I needed to go.

It’s been a crazy month so far. I’m teaching full time, beading a few last-minute items for Bloom Market this weekend, and attempting to restore some sense of order to my busy home in preparation for the holidays–all while trying to keep up my daily word count for NaNoWriMo. As of Sunday night, I was right on track.

But Monday I managed to eke out only about two hundred words; yesterday, I didn’t write at all. But I did vote–and it took longer than it might have. Although I only had to wait in line for about thirty minutes, since Rock Star has been using my car to get to and from work every day, I had no transportation other than my own two feet. I almost talked myself out of going. But then I thought about all the people in the world who would give up a lot more than a couple of hours of their time and a few hundred calories for the right to vote. So I put on my running shoes, bundled myself up against the cold, grabbed an umbrella, and walked two miles to the polling place. The muddy shoulder between my subdivision and my destination and the stoplight at the big intersection there were my biggest challenges. But I made it. I cast my ballot, got my sticker, and made it home in plenty of time for my first piano student at two o’clock. By the time I finished my day at eight-thirty, I was too tired to do anything but join the rest of the country in watching the election results. But it was a good kind of tired.

I made my best effort to catch up this morning but had to stop with only 884 words to show for my morning’s work. The good news is I’m at 7,777 words, with 42,223 remaining towards my end-of-month goal. However, I already I know I won’t be able to write at all on Saturday, November 10th or on Thanksgiving Day. So my revised daily word count goal is 2,011 words. I will succeed!