Joseph Akins/Philip Wesley Live In Concert

l-r: Joseph Akins, Liam, Pam Asberry, Philip Wesley
Saturday night I had the privilege of hearing two of my favorite Whisperings Solo Piano Radio artists, Joseph Akins and Philip Wesley, perform at Piano Works in Duluth, Georgia.
Philip Wesley
Joseph Akins
Each artist played four original compositions on the beautiful Bosendorfer concert grand piano in during the first half of the show. Then, right after intermission, there was a surprise performance by one of my very own piano students, Liam. He did an outstanding job. I couldn’t have been more proud!

It is a Whisperings tradition for the artists to conclude an evening of solo piano music with a joint improvisation. Joseph and Philip did not disappoint. They started out slow and easy

but ended up wild and crazy.
Notice the shades!
These talented and personable musicians hung around after the show to chat and autograph sheet music and CD’s. I love listening to this type of music when I write as well as playing the sheet music myself. But there is nothing like hearing it played live by the composers on a concert grand piano. I hope you will visit these artists’ websites and consider adding some of their CD’s and/or sheet music to your own collections and getting on their mailing lists to find out about upcoming concerts in your own area. Or visit Whisperings Solo Piano Radio on the internet to sample music by them and others. It’s available twenty-four hours a day and it’s FREE!