Dare To Begin

I have always loved the sound of the mandolin. Last year, my kids surprised me with an instrument of my very own. You can read about it HERE. I did what I could with it, but quickly became frustrated. The neck is bowed, making it difficult to play; eventually, I set it aside, wishing I could afford to buy something better.
Then a couple of weekends ago, a friend invited me to join him in Atlanta to hear Sam Bush play in concert. 
It was an amazing evening. Do you see the joy written all over Sam’s face as he performs? I’ve got to tell you, that joy was contagious. I came home and ordered myself a new mandolin the very next day.
Do you see the joy written all over MY face? My new baby, a Loar LM 520-VS, is a pleasure to play. I inquired with the members of the local band Sans Abri who opened the Sam Bush concert about a mandolin instructor and followed their recommendation; I had my first lesson with my new teacher last night. He is accomplished, warm, kind and patient–just the kind of teacher I need. He admitted he doesn’t usually work with beginners, so I am determined to do whatever it takes not to let him–or myself–down. I committed to practicing 30 minutes a day, for starters. Even though I will probably NEVER be able to play like this.
Yes, this recording makes me cry. Bach on the mandolin. Wow. 
It is healthy and humbling to be a beginner. But every great artist–painter, sculptor, photographer, writer, musician–started out that way. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Is there something you have always wanted to learn how to do? Well, there is no time like the present. Invest in the equipment you need. Find a teacher, if necessary. Laugh at your mistakes. You will improve with practice. 
Live a creative life. Be who you were meant to be.