Words, words, words

I finished my short story on Monday, part of an anthology that my group blog, Petit Fours and Hot Tamales, will present as a gift to our readers during the month of December. This was my first-ever short story, so I am a bit uncertain as to how it will be received by my fellow bloggers, who are much more experienced than I. Right now my story is in the hands of our editor; I hope she will be kind!

Since then, I have been back to work on my manuscript The Wishing Box and have come close to meeting my daily word goal of 500 words per day. It is tough because I am revising and sometimes I cut more words than I write; regardless, my aim is to INCREASE my word count by 500 words per day. Tuesday I eked out only 310, but yesterday I did 599 and today I hit 535, pushing my total word count to over 60,000, closer than I have ever been to my final goal of approximately 85,000 words. This feels GREAT!

I am also keeping up with my homework in Kelly Stone‘s online writing class, Empower Your Muse. This has been such a powerful experience; more on that later. But yesterday, Kelly shared an amazing video with us that I am going to pass on to you here. Warning: Have a tissue handy! You might need it!