Thought-Feeling-Behavior Cycle/ROW80 Update

Today’s homework in my online class, Empower Your Muse, is to begin to identify how my thoughts and the resultant feelings influence my behavior where my writing is concerned. Here are the specific instructions given by our instructor, author Kelly Stone:

For one day this week…record in a notebook everything that you think, feel, and do related to writing. Make three columns on a page and label them thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and include a place for the date.

This is what I have so far today.


Thoughts: It’s noon already and I haven’t done a lick of writing! Of course, I haven’t exercised or taken a shower yet, either, and my first student will be here at 1:30. Yikes! At this point, I really don’t have time to write.
Feelings: anxiety, panic
Behavior: Spent twenty minutes on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and reading random blog posts.
Thoughts: If I get right to it, I can at least get a workout in before I start teaching. Maybe I can squeeze in some writing time after I finish teaching tonight.
Feelings: guilt
Behavior: Popped DVD into player and did half of a 30-minute Body Bar workout.
I am still hoping to spend at least an hour writing later this evening. Maybe I will even finish that short story. Tomorrow, I will write FIRST. It seems to be the only way that works for me. 
ROW80 Update:
Despite my generally poor performance today, I have added over 2000 words to my novel and my short story is at 3553 words, meaning that since my last check-in a week ago I have exceeded my goal of 500 words per day. Considering the week I have had, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.
How is everyone else doing with their goals?