My Writing Mission Statement

A personalized coffee mug does not a writer make.
But having one doesn’t hurt.

Here, as promised in Monday’s blog post, is my writing mission statement.

To encourage, inspire and empower others by writing stories about strong individuals who do not allow life’s obstacles stand in the way of their dreams.
  • To be an active participant in the writing community through membership in professional associations, blogging, writing book reviews, critiquing, and social networking.
  • To improve my craft as a fiction writer through reading how-to books, attending workshops, meeting regularly with a critique partner and/or group, and daily practice.
  • To create a body of work including novels, short stories, and nonfiction essays and explore various means of publication for each so as to reach the largest audience.
In addition, I think it might be useful to create a separate mission statement for each of my individual writing projects, including the two novels in progress, a short story I am finishing for my group blog, a collection of nonfiction essays, and the blog you are reading right now. But this is the panoramic view of my writing career as a whole.
I think I can.