47 Things You Should Never Apologize For

Looking back with no regrets.

A year ago almost to the date, I published this list on the now-defunct Writers Li.P.P. website. I needed it today. Maybe you do, too.

* * *

Do you ever apologize for things that you shouldn’t? I have been known to apologize for: forgetting to put on my make-up; the condition of my thighs; wearing a dress my date didn’t like; the weather; making mistakes in a piano performance; having fun when someone else wasn’t.

Resolved: From this day forward, I apologize ONLY for the things I do wrong, NOT for being my imperfect, quirky, occasionally outrageous self. Here, in no particular order, is a list of 47 things YOU shouldn’t apologize for, either.
  1. Doing what makes you happy.
  2. Using big words.
  3. Using bad words (in the appropriate context).
  4. Going out with your friends.
  5. Staying home when everyone else wants to go out.
  6. Your lack of education.
  7. Your less-than-marketable graduate degree.
  8. Struggling financially.
  9. Being successful.
  10. Feeling how you feel.
  11. Stating your true feelings.
  12. Crying when you need to.
  13. Your penchant for the color purple.
  14. Your tiara.
  15. Your closet full of impractical shoes.
  16. The feather extension in your hair.
  17. Walking away from a job that makes you unhappy.
  18. Walking away from an abusive relationship.
  19. Doing your best in a relationship that didn’t make it anyway.
  20. Being single.
  21. Going to a restaurant and dining alone.
  22. Your tattoo.
  23. Your belly button ring.
  24. Taking risks.
  25. Telling the truth.
  26. Wearing your pajamas all day.
  27. Listening to 80’s rock.
  28. Watching a chick flick.
  29. Reading a romance novel.
  30. Avoiding people who have hurt you.
  31. Not being attracted to someone who is attracted to you.
  32. The extra ten pounds you are carrying around.
  33. Demanding respect.
  34. Not putting up with bad behavior from others.
  35. Having high standards when it comes to relationships.
  36. Being frugal.
  37. Treating yourself to something special.
  38. Not knowing how to do something.
  39. Being really good at something.
  40. Telling the truth.
  41. Refusing to compromise your integrity.
  42. Changing your mind.
  43. Resting when you are tired.
  44. Your crazy family.
  45. Being proud of your children.
  46. Helping others.
  47. Your faith.
Can you think of anything else?