Travelogue, Part 6: Moorea, Day 1

The MS Paul Gauguin dropped anchor off the island of Moorea early Thursday, June 7th. I was scheduled to go on a hike with a naturalist, but that shore excursion was canceled when the naturalist sustained a leg injury. So Gail and I decided to create an adventure of our own. We rode the tender to shore

Gotta keep that big ship looking good.
and caught the red van to the Tahia Pearls boutique in Le Petit Village where I bought myself a Tahitian pearl pendant.
How could I resist Tomas?
Many satisfied customers from all over the world.
Then we walked several blocks to the Hotel Hibiscus

and behind the hotel to the beach where we followed the shoreline 
stopping to sun for a few minutes on this stretch of beach
and take a few photographs here and there

Baby coconut tree.
Dog prints?
This dog was fishing.
all the way down to Hotel Tipaniers.

where I rewarded myself with a local brew

and a cheeseburger in paradise.

The view from our table.
The biggest decision I had to make all day was which restroom to use.

And the most unusual thing I saw all day was a take-out restaurant built around an old van.

Not a five-star establishment.
Then we walked back to the Tahia Pearl boutique, caught the red van back to the pier, and rode the tender back to the ship. We were just in time for tea.

I couldn’t resist the pineapple flambe served with homemade vanilla ice cream.

After the sun went down,

we donned our best tropical dresses

We dressed the tiki statue in our state room for the occasion, too.
and made our way to L’Etoile Restuarant, where local mamas were making heis and leis from fresh flowers 

and sharing them with the passengers.
My wristlet.
Then it was time for dinner
Cheese gnocchi.
Pumpkin soup.
Lobster tail.
Chocolate fondant and vanilla ice cream.
 with two of the lovely single women we met on the ship.
Elsa and Me.
Judy and Me.
The evening show featured culture, songs, music and dance of the Polynesian people.

These guys were scary. Especially the one on the far right. Ask Gail.

I ended my last night on board with a visit to the piano bar and the beautiful music of Ruben Ramos

and one last night in the disco, dancing until 2AM.
But there was still one more day in Moorea to look forward to. Come back tomorrow for the final installment of my travelogue!