Travelogue, Part 5: Bora Bora, Day Two

Gail and I began our second day in Bora Bora on a tour around the island in Le Truck.
I wish I had written down our tour guide’s name! She spoke fluent English and French and took great pride in showing us around her beautiful home.
Notice the red hibiscus flowers hanging from the beam. The entire truck was decorated like this.
It’s hard to take pictures from a moving vehicle but I did manage to capture a few decent shots.
Fire station.
Fruit stand. 
Graffiti. And a telephone booth.
The church in Viatape.
Beautiful flowers everywhere.
I have no idea what this is but it sure is pretty, right?
 One of my favorite stops was the pareo studio.

We were welcomed with samples of fresh, local fruit.

We saw how the colors and designs are added to the fabric.

There was even a pareo tying demonstration

featuring none other than my travel companion Gail.

Isn’t she lovely?
 I enjoyed our brief stop at a beach

Baby coconut tree.
as well as an up-close and personal look at some sand crabs. At one point in the tour, we were instructed to take down the red hibiscus flowers that adorned le truck and toss them out the windows onto the ground. Within seconds, dozens of sand crabs emerged from their holes, grabbed the flowers, and dragged them into their homes. It was quite comical. I could have watched for hours.

Bringing home the bacon.

It was interesting to see the various types of homes inhabited by local people.

Ia ora na. (That’s Tahitian for “hello”.) 

There were dogs everywhere! And it turns out the reason is that there is only one veterinarian in French Polynesia and he lives on the island of Tahiti. So getting one’s pet spayed or neutered requires a boat trip to Tahiti and a cash outlay of about eight hundred dollars. Most people simply cannot afford this, so there are many forlorn looking pooches roaming around.

Our last stop was world famous Bloody Mary’s Restaurant & Bar.

Johnny Depp wasn’t there, but he was on the list of famous people who have visited.

I bought a couple of t-shirts. Then it was time to catch a tender back to the ship

A kayaker riding the waves from the tender. 
MS Paul Gauguin.
grab a quick lunch, and then catch another tender to the Bora Bora Motu.

The beach was beautiful, but it was cloudy and extremely windy, so we caught the very next tender back to the ship and said goodbye to Bora Bora.

A shower later, it was time for another fabulous dinner in L’Etoile Restaurant.

“Tarte fine” with tomatoes and goat cheese.
Split pea soup with bacon. 
Fresh beet and mesclun salad.
Beef Wellington.
Cherries jubilee.
Sleepy and sated, I decided to forego the evening’s activities and get a good night’s rest before Moorea. I know this was supposed to be a five-part series but my tale isn’t over yet. Come back tomorrow for the exciting conclusion!