Travelogue, Part 3: Taha’a

Something Gail ate for dinner Sunday night disagreed with her so I was on my own for my Monday morning shore excursion in beautiful Taha’a. I left with my group in a motorized outrigger canoe and visited Poerani, a black pearl farm,
where our knowledgeable guide shared the ins and outs of Tahitian black pearls and how they are cultured. Click HERE to read all about it.

At the conclusion of the tour, there was time for shopping. I looked at necklaces, and while the pearls themselves were beautiful, I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the finished jewelry. So I decided to wait.

Our next stop was a secluded blue lagoon for thirty minutes of snorkeling. I don’t snorkel, so I sat in the boat and caught up in my journal.

Our final destination was Motu Mahana, Paul Gauguin’s private beach, for a Polynesian BBQ.

Gail met me there and took me on a brief tour of the motu

Coconut trees.
It was impossible to take a bad picture!
I loved the symmetry of these two trees.
Sometimes it’s cloudy, sometimes it’s clear.
before I loaded my plate with food
and grabbed a Hinano draft beer from my favorite bartender
and settled into a beach chair to enjoy a delicious lunch.
The view from my chair.
Gail, who was still under the weather, returned to the ship after lunch
while I spent a couple of hours on the beautiful beach reading in the sun and swimming in the crystal clear water.
Then it was time for me to get back on the ship. I sat on the deck and watched the beautiful sunset before we set sail for Bora Bora.

Exhausted from the late night before and the long (but completely soul-satisfying) day in the sun, I went alone to L’Etoile Restaurant and enjoyed another fabulous meal

Corn chowder.
Salad of arugula, apples and beets.

Salmon with bearnaise sauce and vegetables.
“Gaugines Favorite Dessert” – chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, and vanilla ice cream.
They brought cookies with the coffee every night.
before heading to the cabin and calling it a night. I wanted to be in top form for my day at the beach in Bora Bora. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!