Go Braves!

On my last birthday, I vowed to try something new every day for a year and blog about it. I called that blog Between Birthdays, and I did a good job with it for several weeks. But then it started feeling like a tedious chore and it seemed that everything I tried didn’t turn out to be great material for writing. However, I am still resolved to try something new as frequently as possible, so I will share my most fun and interesting experiences here every Thursday – in keeping with Thursday’s theme, Keeping It Fresh.

* * *

Tonight I went to my very first ever Gwinnett Braves baseball game. The Gwinnett Braves are a minor league team in the International League, the Triple-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Games take place at Coolray Field; located just minutes from my house, this beautiful park seats approximately 10,000 and has an old-fashioned feel despite all the modern technology.

I was the special guest of my son and two of his friends.

Aladdin, Thumper and Tigger

We had a wonderful time. Besides being convenient, it was much more affordable than going to a major league game; we got to have the experience of being a part of America’s favorite pastime at a fraction of the cost. The crowd was sparse but enthusiastic; the food was tasty. Sure, the night had its disappointments; we never made it on the big screen, we didn’t catch any fly balls, and our team lost.

Our conclusion? We must attend another game really, really soon.