A funny thing happened while I was out fishing…

Today my friend and blog sister Tammy Schubert shared some of her experiences with online dating in a funny, thought provoking blog post (click HERE), prompting me to share another recent experience of my own.

A couple of weeks ago, a guy I will refer to as RP contacted me through Plenty of Fish. We exchanged a couple of polite messages, not remotely suggestive or off-putting, so when he said he would prefer to chat via email, I gave him my address. Our conversation is detailed below, with corrections to his numerous spelling and punctuation errors.


12:59 AM
RP: Reporting for DUTY! Can I see more of you? Not like your body, well unless you want, but just more pics. I can return favor to you. I hope you sleep great, Pam – very nice to have met you!

Pam: Yes, of course, I will try to add some more pics to my profile in the next day or two. Nice to have met you, too!

RP: Dang, I thought you’d indicated you were sending them here??? Oh, well, I’ll wait if I have to. For now, just go to bed. Just imagine a good hot stone massage with hot oil. That’ll get you good and relaxed and settled.

RP: Would it bother you if I send nude pics? Would be in good taste, satisfactory, quenching for your thirst. I promise they’ll be well done. 🙂

(At this point I dropped out of the conversation, assuming this gentleman would take no reply as a no.)

RP: Oh, I forgot to ask. What are your favorite sexual positions? What is your bra size? What is your favorite style of panties. WELL???

RP: Do you by chance use Skype?


RP: Enjoy, I hope.

(Attached were two nude photographs: one close-up and one full-body. I suppose these were intended to excite me but they had quite the opposite effect. I attempted to block his email address but apparently was unsuccessful as I received one final message from him a few hours later.)

RP: Thanks for being a ****-tease. This will be the last time I contact you. You may as well have been a little scared 18 year old girl. You’re no woman. Also, don’t bother replying as you’ve been blocked, princess.

* * *
I may be a fiction writer, but I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.
* * *
Inspired by my friends and the speakers at Georgia Romance Writers monthly meeting last Saturday, I am finally back on track with my novel. Revising is hard work, and my word count has been actually decreased during the process, but at some point I will have cut all that needs to be cut and will start adding the scenes necessary to finish my story. I will share more about all that, as well as my experience running the Zooma Atlanta half marathon on Sunday, next week. I am committed to posting more regularly, according to this schedule.
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There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my life on this blog. If I provide you with a chuckle or two in the process, so much the better. Have a great weekend!