I guess he told me…

From an email I received earlier this evening from a connection made Monday through an online dating site:

Well, I’m not embarrassed to admit when I make a mistake. I thought you had class. I was obviously mistaken…If there was anything in my last e-mail that turned you off, then you have a problem. And whatever the reason, your rudeness in not responding at all, again, shows a total lack of class. All you had to say was, “Steve, sorry, I’m not interested.”

Any single person over the age of 45 (maybe 40) who doesn’t realize that the pickings get slimmer as you get older is an idiot. It is not about what YOU have to offer, it is about what is AVAILABLE on the other side. and part of that is “networking,”which means being nice to EVERYONE since you don’t know who you will meet through that person, even if he or she is not your cup of tea. And when you are NOT nice, it usually will come back to haunt you. I will not go into my attributes, but trust me, age 52, you screwed up…

I will not waste any more time with you than writing this note…You know, if you don’t know how to conduct yourself with some class, you really should stay home. And I’m sure the pickings are great in Dacula. bye-bye!


My reply?

This week I have been dealing with a pretty intense family situation on top of my regularly scheduled life–working full time, taking care of my kids, and keeping up my training for the half marathon I am running on Sunday. Finally, I have a few minutes to settle in with my laptop; I have actually looked forward to taking time to compose a thoughtful reply to the email I received from you Tuesday evening. I see now that won’t be necessary. If the choice is between being 52 and single and being involved with an egotistical, verbally abusive male, well, thank you for sparing me the agony of decision. 

And now, I will not waste any more time with HIM.