The best-laid plans

I know I’m several days behind telling you the story of my weekend adventure. I went to Savannah!
Jennifer, Carol, Jasmine, Aili, Pam
On Friday afternoon I picked up my friend Jennifer, her daughter Jasmine,  and Jasmine’s friend Aili; we drove to Jennifer’s mom’s house, piled into her car, and made our merry way to Savanah. We checked into our hotel, too tired for adventure, had a late dinner at a nearby Chili’s.
Pomegranate Margarita
Shrimp Tacos
Jennifer is a Girl Scout leader; the real purpose of the trip was for her, Jasmine and Aili to attend a bridging ceremony crossing over into the second century of girl scouting. So we got up bright and early Saturday morning and made our way to Forsyth Park
and took care of that important business first.
Then it was time to play in the park
That’s ME going down the bouncy slide!
and see what there was to see
Park musician.
All the fountains were already dyed green for St. Patricks’ Day.
After lunch at the Gryphon Tea Room
Inside the ladies’ restroom. I’m not making this up.
we went on a walking tour. I got just enough of a taste to know I need to go back and dig deeper.
On our way back from the tour, we ran into some pre-St. Patrick’s Day revelers
so when we stopped at Kroger for a few supplies, we decided to do a little reveling of our own.
It was after we got back to the hotel that the trouble began. I hadn’t been feeling up to snuff all day; it turned out I was running a fever, which climbed all the way to 103. 8 degrees before the night was over. There was a point in the evening when it seemed the big decision was going to be “Do we keep our dinner reservations or take Pam to the emergency room?” Fortunately, the fever finally broke so that my friends could go to the Olde Pink House as planned while I stayed in and slept. 
I slept all night and most of the next day, rallying up just long enough to take a quick shower, throw my belongings in my suitcase, and climb back into Carol’s car. Much later, we had dinner at Cracker Barrel; I ate even though it felt like I was swallowing glass with every bite. Eventually I made the drive from Jennifer’s to home and collapsed into my own bed.
I had to wait until 2:00 Monday for a doctor’s appointment but my suspicions were confirmed; I had strep throat. I requested a steroid shot, filled my prescriptions for antibiotics and a lidocaine rinse, came home, went back to bed and stayed there until my quarantine was over on Wednesday.
I have tried in vain to get back into my normal routine the past couple of days. My energy level is uncharacteristically low; I was scheduled for an 8-mile run today; instead, I managed only a 2-mile walk. Not only that, today is my youngest son’s sixteenth birthday, so it was important to make time for celebrations, for dinner out last night and birthday cake and ice cream tonight.
The moral of the story?
Plan your trip, chart your course, start your journey. But expect the unexpected. Be prepared to trim those sails and alter your course if the winds change suddenly. If the rain kicks in, you might even have to go below deck and hunker down for a while. It will be okay, though. The sun will come out again.
I hope to see you again soon, Savannah.