What’s it all about?

I don’t like to think of Pam Asberry as being self-important. But I guess there’s something a little bit inherently narcissistic about being a blogger, about sharing one’s thoughts on this and that and the other and assuming that anyone out there wants to hear what you have to say. Truth be told, I like it when I find out that something I have expressed in this forum resonates with one of my readers. And I love it when a follower suggests that I might even have a talent for writing–after all, I dream of earning a living as a wordsmith.

Well, this week I received the ultimate compliment. My friend Denise referenced me in her blog post (click HERE), listing my name right alongside that of Oprah. And Job. It was an honor. And a challenge.

Because, like Denise, I WANT TO BE MORE THAN I AM.

Towards that end, I am resuming my blog Between Birthdays. To be honest, I enjoyed the challenge of trying something new every day. And I have tried many new things since I stopped writing the blog. So I am just going to pick up where I left off. Starting today.

Meanwhile, I am trying to sort out the direction for this blog. When I started it, I thought I would write mostly about my crafts, knitting and beading and such. Then I began working on my first novel, and have shared my journey as a writer. But I don’t want this to become a book review site or an advice column for aspiring authors. There are too many of those out there already, as far as I’m concerned.

I want it this to be a place where I can share my real experiences as a real person: a single mom raising three sons while navigating the treacherous waters of parenting, working, and living my dreams. It ain’t easy. So if you would, please leave a comment at the end of this post and let me know what YOU want to read about. It would help me tremendously. Thank you very much!